Your Hair. Your Personality.

Masquerade Salon (formerly Body Perks Salon) is currently located at 1472 Dundas St and First St. We offer everything to keep you in the latest, hottest fashion styles of today. Here at Masquerade, we specialize in hair care, colour treatments, lashes, nails and waxing.

With years of experience, our stylists are easily able to bring out the natural beauty of every one of our clients. At Masquerade Salon we take the time to understand your lifestyle, needs, and wants and ensure we match it to your sense of style. Whether you're just swinging by for a quick cut, or getting your nails ready for a night on the town, Masquerade Salon has the skills to get you there.


Need some colour? The experts at Masquerade can accurately colour match your roots to tips, give you gorgeous highlights, or do an extravagant colour treatment guaranteed to turn heads. Masquerade carries LanZa, and Goldwell colour products that offer you a rich, thick colour treatment.

Unsure what look you are going for? Come in for a free consultation with one of our stylists.